Zune and PS3: Two remarkable failures

I’m going to go ahead and make some predictions. I may end up being wrong (not the first time), but this is how I see events unfolding: both Microsoft’s Zune and Playstation’s PS3 will be significant market failures.

There has been a lot of hype around Zune. I think some people will buy them but Apple will remain the leader. This won’t sit well with Microsoft who will keep losing market share in the personal computing market as well. The Zune will be a large waste of their time and money.

Sony’s beleagured PS3 will probably be delayed once more, and will fizzle as it comes out into the market. It will be too expensive, too unreliable, ahead of its time. I believe they tried to do too much and will overstep the market. Nintendo will make a surprising upsurge and take away a lot of the video game market with their new console and portable. Microsoft and Xbox will have a pretty good holiday season, but the real surprise will be Nintendo.