A few months ago I saw a bunch of Verizon trucks and human sized gophers digging up grass in my neighborhood, which meant only one thing – I would soon be able to get FiOS!

Fast forward to today and I’m finally able to order Verizon FiOS to my house (which I did this morning).

I signed up for both FiOS TV and Internet. The HDTV picture is supposed to be awesome which is something I actually care about ever since I got my Samsung 42″. The Internet is 10Mbps down, 2 Mbps – and that’s just on their basic plan. I might up it to 20/20 Mbps symmetrical later just for bragging rights.

I’ve been with Comcast for the last 2 years and have been itching at the chance to drop them like a bad habit.

In my old house I had to have a cable run into my house under the door since Comcast technicians never came out to the house to fix my cat5 issues, no matter how often I called them. I had to get Comcast Cable again in my current house since it was the fastest option available and I got the discount for bundling it with TV.

Coincidentally last night and this morning my Comcast internet connection has been going in and out (maybe it knows what’s up).

I don’t know how Comcast hopes to compete with all the horrible press they’ve gotten recently (that throttling mess, impending overage fees, hacking, etc.), not to mention that their coax technology won’t be able to handle anything near what Verizon’s fiber optics will be able to in the coming years.

I’ll try to do a more-in depth post once I get FiOS actually installed and have a chance to test it out, so check back in a few weeks. Pssst, subscribe to my RSS feed if you haven’t already.

Has anyone else upgraded to FiOS recently? Have any input on Verizon vs. Comcast? Leave a comment below.

Update: Here’s a good page on all the current and up to date FiOS deals.