Yahoo Search Marketing: PPC Ad Network Reviews Part 2

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Yahoo Search Marketing (or YSM, also formerly known as Overture) is a PPC network with a different structure than AdWords or AdCenter. It’s fairly difficult to make apples to apples comparisons between these services because of how each is structured. Each one of these programs have nuances that you have to get used to.

YSM is based more around keywords as opposed to Google’s Adwords (which is more centered around campaigns).

YSM Pros:

  • Highest pageviews per visit of all the networks in my experience.
  • Pretty decent volume of searches

YSM Cons:

  • Interface can be fairly confusing, control panel is not laid out very intuitively.
  • Have to prepay for your ads in set amounts and set a recurring pre-payment.
  • Ads have to be reviewed before they are shown. This can take several days.

Overall, I think YSM is worth testing out, but I would read up on how to use the system and go through some tutorials before taking the plunge. I think it has a bit of a steeper learning curve than the other PPC networks. I see YSM being well suited for a company with a larger budget, especially one going after generic terms for branding purposes.