Who is More Hated? Domainers or SEOs?

Ever since I’ve started reading more about the domain and domaining business, I’ve started to feel a sort of kinship with domainers. They are a lot like SEO’s – misunderstood and often vilified by the outside world – or more precisely the people who don’t understand the world of domaining or the world of SEO.

Many people erroneously associate SEO with spamming. Likewise, they associate domaining with cybersquatting. Mainstream articles do neither justice because more often than not they are fraught with misinformation. Even when reporters try to quote experts, they end up making the wrong connections and perpetuating the problem.

The people behind spam comments (that we all hate) and “buy viagra” serps and BS squidoo pages are search spammers, not SEOs, although some people consider them a subset of SEOs. Similarly, people who register misspellings of brand domains are typosquatters, not legitimate domainers. The majority of each group tend to denounce the black sheep and create distinctions, but the broad associations still exist.

What really complicates this are the gray areas that exist. In SEO, it’s all the grayhat practices that are just shy of shady; in domaining it’s stuff like domain tasting and domain kiting.

So who is more hated? The guy who ranks above you with a “worse site” or the guy who’s running adSense on a domain you “just thought of”?