I was thinking about my blogging pattern and I realized that I’m probably better at speaking than I am at writing. I prefer the stream-of-consciousness approach. I’ve never been a big fan of podcasting on the receiving end because I don’t have to commute to work and I hate iTunes. But I realize there is a market for it and some people swear by podcasts. My biggest issue with podcasting vs. blogging is that it’s (possibly) good content that cannot be indexed by the search engines so you have to rely on spreading the message virally and really miss out on the search engine optimization angle.

So I thought about podcasting transcription and ran a few searches to see if such a service exists. It looks like CastingWords offers such a service (at 42 cents/minute). There are some others but they charge upwards of $3-4/minute which is way too expensive. It seems that to do it efficiently you could run the audio through something like Naturally Speaking (voice recognition software), then have a human edit the raw output. The services I’ve seen all look like they’re completely human powered (which doesn’t seem too efficient). If I was to do podcasting, I’d like it to be transcribed as well – so I can double dip on the content AND allow people to have the option to read it.

Any feedback on whether I should experiment with podcasting? Would anybody care to hear my thoughts about online trends, what’s working and what’s new in the web 2.0 world, development, new services, etc – maybe once a week?