Honest Verizon FiOS Review and Deals – Updated Monthly


After a couple of months of seeing Verizon FiOS trucks in our area, it looks like my building has just been wired for Verizon FiOS… an boy am I excited.

For the past 2 years, we’ve been stuck with Time Warner Cable and their old copper technology. While the internet has been fast, we’ve had (what seems to be) weekly problems with our connection dropping or getting slow.

We just got FiOS installed last Tuesday and so far our speeds are faster than advertised and the TV looks crystal clear. It’s not Google Fiber, but hey we are in New York City — not Kansas. ;)

Current Verizon FiOS Deals:

If you live in an area where you can get FiOS you should check it out because they are offering some pretty good deals:

Verizon FiOS Double Play » $69.99/mo

This package is great if you use your cell phone as your primary phone and want super fast internet and amazing digital TV.

  • Includes FiOS Internet 15/5 Mbps – Amazing for Skype, Netflix, and Hulu.
  • Includes FiOS TV Select HD – 130+ Channels with over 30+ in HD quality. Huge on demand library.

 Setup Your Verizon FiOS Double Play here. ->


Verizon FiOS Triple Play » $89.99/mo + $300 gift card.

This package is a great deal if you still have a home phone line and want super fast internet and crystal clear TV.

  • Includes FiOS Quantum Internet 50/25 Mbps – Amazing for Skype, Netflix, and Hulu.
  • Includes FiOS TV Prime HD – 210+ Channels with over 55+ in HD quality. Huge on demand library of 40,000 plus titles.
  • Includes FiOS Home Phone – Unlimited nationwide calling and low cost calling to other countries.
  • Includes $300 Visa prepaid card with annual contracts.

Setup Your Verizon FiOS Triple Play here. ->


Here is Why I Love Verizon FiOS (and wrote this review)

If Verizon FiOS is available in your area and you are using Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Cablevision, or U-Verse — then you are missing out.

So far all of my friends that have come over for movie night here in NYC have noticed the huge difference in quality on Netflix, no longer does the movie have long buffering times and random pixelation.

I’ve also noticed a huge difference when playing Xbox live, I’m not experiencing nearly as much lag and as a result I’m getting higher scores on Madden and Modern Warfare.

As far as the TV quality, it is outstanding. I really only watch HBO and a few other channels, so I love having access the huge on demand library for the past shows I’ve missed.

All in all, FiOS has been outstanding, my only complaint is that it too so long to get installed in my building.

After, my first experience with FiOS in 2009 and now that I have FiOS again in my apartment, I am once again a believer that once you go to fiber optic, you’ll never go back.

Updated: After a few user emails, here is the link to check if you can get FiOS in your area. Just enter your address and apartment number and their system will look you up.

As a general rule (from what I can find), FiOS is offered in these major cities on the East Coast and the areas around them:

  • Buffalo
  • New York
  • Pittsburgh
  • Plano
  • Providence
  • Sarasota
  • Syracuse
  • Tampa
  • Virginia Beach
  • Washington D.C.

Last Updated: November, 2013 — Added new deals and link to availability and latest cities.