unlocked iphoneI’ve really tried to resist any blog post with the word “iphone” in it, but I think I’ll make an exception for unlocked iphone.

Apparently I’m not the only one who wants to be able to use the iphone without being locked into a contract with AT&T. While it looks like a fully functional unlocked iphone is still a dream, I have faith that some hackers out there will figure out a way to crack this thing.

I’d love to get an iphone for Verizon – their network is far superior and EDVO is much more reliable than EDGE. Oh, and I’d like to be able to use VOIP and bypass paying for airtime minutes. So hackers – get on that. I just hope the iphone sofware is stable so I don’t have the resetting issues I’ve had with my ipod (See werty’s reset ipod post).

BTW, what’s with the search results on ebay for “unlocked iphone“? Can anyone elucidate this strategy for me? There seem to be a ton of email addresses for sale with the keywords “unlocked” and “iphone” in them. This has to be part of a bigger marketing strategy by someone – I can’t imagine people will actually pay $10 for an email address like iphones.unlocked.foryou@gmail.com.