Maybe I’ve been reading too much of what Graywolf has been writing, but I noticed something about Google Chat that worries me this morning.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Whenever you’re chatting with someone via Gmail’s built-in chat client, there’s a choice under options to “Go off the record”.

This is off the record

Wow. Does anyone else think that’s kind of … I don’t know, strange? Like I have to explicitly tell Google “this part of my life is not to be indexed or archived for future use, for or against me”. Eeek.

Last week I deleted a few gigabytes worth of data that was still stored on my computer even after I had removed Google desktop.  I only found this large chunk of data after I used a program to hunt down large unnecessary files. It just seems that Google is really intent on indexing our lives and is not very concerned about what happens to that trail. The big “T” in our Brave New World might really turn out to be the big “G”.