Recently a lot of companies have been trying to make themselves into THE Platform of choice. Facebook’s Apps API, Google’s one-up OpenSocial, Netvibes universal widgets, etc. Every company wants to be the platform and control as much attention as possible. I’ve heard some people say “Google is the Internet.”

Online, things are now moving at breakneck speeds. Over the past 5 years we’re seen tremendous growth (and volatility). I don’t know who the big players will be in 2010, but I can tell you this – the Internet will be the platform – it always has been, it always will be.

If you think back to just a year and half ago, people had already thought the social networking game was over. Myspace was the platform. They owned that space and it seemed like catching up was impossible. This is the thought process we somehow allow ourselves to follow.

YouTube owns video, Facebook owns social networking, Google owns search. But it’s only 2007.

So invest, develop for, and play on all these sites and networks, make widgets for their plaforms. But listen to Mary Trigiani when she says “The Internet IS the platform.” And no single company will own any large part of it for long.