Art of BlogToday we launched a new project: Art of Blog. This new site will feature one blogger per day with a verse of wisdom on how to start a blog, written in a style reminiscent of the teachings found in Sun Tzu’s Art of War.

Throughout the years the Art of War has been successfully applied to business, management, and other competitive disciplines. With an ever-growing army of new bloggers joining the ranks, it is becoming more and more important to refine your blogging skills and differentiate yourself from the masses.

The Art of Blog will seek to enlighten, (maybe even entertain), and encourage discussion about the fine art of blogging. It will cover blog strategy, design, promotion, writing, and any other important aspects of creating a masterful blog.

Please feel free to link to the project, join the discussion, or subscribe to the feed for your daily dose of wisdom. If you have been blogging for longer than 6 months and have learned something valuable that you would like to contribute (a Sun Tzu-ism), feel free to contact us.