Thank you Cyber Pirates, aka People of Ill Repute

One of our small sites got a massive spike in traffic and conversions starting last weekend and looking at logs we were scratching our head about where this bounty was coming from.


Since 80% of that traffic was direct, we pondered that someplace must have given out our text link and people were copy and pasting it in. We figured that whoever was sending that much “copy/paste” traffic must have MASSIVE traffic themselves – at first we thought a popular news site or something similar.

Several days later, we realized what was happening. Our page was scraped by a spammer and mashed up with tons of other scraped content, remixed, and thrown out to thousands if not millions of spam pages, all using the subdomain trick, which apparently none of the 3 SE’s have patched yet.

So thank you, Jose P. from Rio, for spamming the hell out of the search engines with your .org subdomains, and letting us ride your wave to the bank. And if you’re wondering where the title comes from, check out this amusing and ongoing story from Greywolf’s blog.