Rubicon Project I signed up for the Rubicon Project and have just added one of their ad units to this site (you can see the ads 3rd column over). This is mostly just to test the ad network and see how well it performs & how well it targets ads. The ad placement is not optimal, but I didn’t want it to take away from the content on this blog.

The Rubicon Project is a new invite-only (for now) ad network that serves up ads from a a long list of advertisers including Google Adsense, ValueClick, Shopzilla, CPA Empire, etc., and optimizes them automatically for maximum revenue. I’ll probably do a review of the service after I test it for a while. It looks promising.

My Firefox kept crashing after installing the ad code, but that was because I had Firebug enabled. Let me know if you have any problems with the site or see any kind of weird ads.

I’m flying out to Pubcon tomorrow so posting will be light – I’ll probably catch up with the Rubicon crew in Vegas and try to get more info out of them – and maybe even some invited for our readers (if anyone is interested).