How to Make your Readers Look Good: Change your MyBlogLog style

Recently I’ve added a MyBlogLog widget (top right) to my blog and I’ve seen many other bloggers do the same.

I’ve had it running for a few weeks now and I think it’s one of the best widgets out there. It’s unique because it gives you a glimpse into who your regular readers are. It helps you build a community of readers effortlessly.

However, I don’t particularly like the default CSS styles of the My Blog Log widget, so I’ve taken the liberty of creating two different MyBlogLog CSS styles – one for dark backgrounds, one for light backgrounds – that you can use as you wish:


The easiest way to style your own MyBlogLog widget, add this code just above your tag (all on one line):

Light theme:

Dark theme:

Source code for the MyBlogLog widget styles:
Light Theme CSS
Dark Theme CSS

You can use these or modify them any way you like. You’re also welcome to add a comment with links to your own styles for MyBlogLog widgets. It would be cool to see someone using the sliding doors CSS technique for variable widths (or even sliding doors with CSS sprites technique).

The CSS code could probably be cleaned up a little too – I’m sure there are some extraneous class definitions in my versions. I’ve also only tested these in FF 2.0 and IE 6 so I’m not sure how they look in Safari and others.

What do you think?