Stop Reading Garbage and Wasting Your Time

Do yourself a favor. Make this the last post you read today. I came to a very important realization recently that I’d like to share; maybe it will hit close to home.

How much time do you spend reading blogs? Of that time, how much is spent learning truly useful or actionable information? Furthermore, how much time do you spend APPLYING what you’ve read? All the intentions in the world won’t matter as much as one tangible action.

Here are some examples of garbage. Blog reviews: I think John Chow had a hand in creating this monstrosity – they are so useless it hurts. I’m getting really sick of seeing these. There are faceoffs, blog fights, 2000 bloggers, and tons of other stuff out there taking up your time. There are pointless catfights, blogger drama, and soap opera-esque MyBlogLog v. Shoemoney type of stunts that garner loads of attention. This is no different than watching Access Hollywood – you might as well plop on a couch and eat greasy potato chips, glued to your laptop screen while your life spirals into a pathetic pool of mediocrity.

Some of this is ok as long as you’re allocating time for it and count it as “off-time” but don’t kid yourself by thinking it’s contributing anything to your life or helping you reach your goals.

Wasting time on these things are keeping you from becoming great – it could be spent creating something great. I’ll admit I’ve been guilty of getting caught up in BS, wasting time reading too much filler, but today I’m making an effort to change.

Contrary to what I said above, you should read two more posts (and make them the last two posts for the day).

Find your inner Jerry Maguire, and DIFN!