At the beginning of this month Shoemoney (Jeremy) threw up a challenge to Marketing Pilgrim (Andy Beal) by claiming that he could get more MyBlogLog community members by putting a picture of an attractive woman in his avatar rather than “Win a Free Zune” message.

MyBlogLog challenge

So far Shoe has 666 members (Look Who’s on TV mama… it’s the devil) and Andy has 329 members. Keep in mind this is not very scientific – there were a lot of other facors at play (plus Shoe replaced the photo with his logo earlier this month) but it still goes to show you – “attractive women beget more attention than electronics”.

Shoemoney community

Marketing Pilgrim community

Maybe the contest would have been fairer if Andy had given away an iPod (since the Zune is failing). So “sex sells” won’t soon be replaced with “Disappointing Microsoft technology sells”. Maybe Andy should replace the text with a cure girl holding an ipod to turn things around.