SEO Moz offers a familiar promise to potential users: a suite of tools that will check a website for errors and possible search engine optimizations, as well as another set of keyword/phrase tools.  Many packages offer either error checking/content analysis or the keyword research tools, but few offer effective tools that handle both types of tasks.  Does SEO Moz deliver, or does it simply serve up too many promises to actually have any hope of meeting them?

Before Getting Started

Before we answer this question and delve into the features that SEO Moz does have to offer, it is worth noting that SEO Moz has a LOT to offer.  In fact, it can be a little intimidating to use at first because it actually includes a lot of tools.  This is a mixed blessing because there are a lot of tools to learn.  On the other side, SEO Moz’s individual tools are cleanly laid out and are fairly intuitive.  This makes SEO Moz easy to start using, but it would not be an understatement to say that it could take one a long time to become an SEO Moz guru.

The Tools of the SEO Trade

Without a doubt, SEO Moz has some very effective tools.  It does not really matter what one needs an SEO package to do, SEO Moz almost certainly has a tool to handle that need.    SEO Moz includes tools that not only handle the traditional keyword analysis/competitor tracking, but also a unique tool called the Keyword Difficulty Tool.  The Keyword Difficulty Tool is a unique idea that takes a lot of data and distills it into the answer of a single question: is this keyword/phrase worth trying to rank for?  This is an impressive tool in and of itself, but there are times when the data available on the Internet is misleading; in fact, many have made a lot of money with nothing but a little foresight required to arrive first on any particular keyword scene.

While the Keyword Difficulty Tool is certainly a unique and useful tool (most of the time), SEO Moz still has more to offer.  Once a site is up, it needs to have a sitemap and pages filled with meta-tags.  Anyone who has spent any amount of time studying SEO knows the value of meta-tags, and SEO Moz also knows the value and offers some tools that are not dissimilar from the competition.  Tools that evaluate meta-data and/or content are fairly common, so we will not cover them in detail other than to say that SEO Moz can automatically point out everything from glaring errors and omissions to providing useful hints and tips on a per page, whole site, or selected page basis.

SEO Moz also includes a full suite of tracking and reporting tools, most of which are incredibly flexible.  One of our first thoughts upon looking at the reporting aspect of SEO Moz was that it was obvious that people who like reports work at SEO Moz.  It would be impossible to create such concise yet elegant reports unless one were to have a fetish for reports and data.  While we are not sure just who it is over at SEO Moz that has a ‘thing’ for reports, we do appreciate their amazing attention to detail.

How Much Would You Buy Time For?

One of the most interesting aspects of SEO Moz is how much time it saves.  Want to see all of the page ranking information on a single page?  SEO Moz can do it, and that can save one time checking several different tools that individually manage Yahoo!, Google, Bing, and other search engines.  Examples such of this are found throughout SEO Moz’s user interface, and the entire package honestly feels as if it was written by people with a design doctrine that was equal parts engineering for efficiency and no-time-to-waste-Corporate-America.  That is not a bad thing, it means that the no-nonsense interface generate answers to questions in significantly less time than almost any other tool that we could name off the top of our heads.

This brings up a good question: how much is your time worth?  If you need to look at only one or two tools at a time, then SEO Moz might not have much value.  If you need to look at many different data sources in one legible format, then it is difficult to argue against the value of a package that puts everything in one place.

So, how much does SEO Moz cost?  There are three plans to choose from: PRO Basic, PRO Plus, and PRO Elite.  All plans include all of the tools, but are primarily differentiated by the number of Linkscape reports and tracked ranking.  For example, the PRO Basic plan offers 50 tracked rankings per month and 20 Linkscape reports for $79 versus the 100 tracked rankings and 50 Linkscape reports of the PRO Plus package that costs $129 per month.  The PRO Elite package costs $229 per month, but offers up a stunning 300 tracked rankings and 500 Liinkscape reports.  While some of these fees might seem a bit high, there is no substitute for SEO Moz’s ability to buy time with its incredible array of well-laid out tools.