Scribe is a powerful SEO WordPress plug-in that promises to help content writers look at their writings from the perspective of a search engine.  Does Scribe SEO work, and if so is it a cost-effective solution?  It very well could be, but there is one thing that has to be said before we get into the heart of what Scribe SEO offers.

Articles and Posts are Read by Humans First

The problem with search engines is that they are, well, search engines.  They are statistical number crunchers that are incredibly complex but are still just a bunch of number crunchers that analyze words, links, syllables, and so on.  The human mind is far more complex and discerning, which is why search engines are starting to pay a lot more attention to data mined from social networking; this is what people are really looking at.  Why?  Because anyone who has ever dealt with SEO for any length of time knows that it used to be fairly easy to get to the top of the charts with ridiculous keyword density and meaningless content.

Today, content is king, and that fact should never be disregarded.  That means that products like Scribe can offer meaningful insight into how a search engine might see an article or post, but that does not mean that the post needs to be made completely unreadable in order to make the search engines happy.  Of course, there are happy mediums where readable content can be very search-engine accessible, but it does take a reasoning mind to make these decisions.

What Scribe Does

Scribe is a WordPress plug-in that lets writers analyze their content once they have a body, title, and description ready.  The process is not automatic, but requires the author to click on the ‘analyze’ button that appears only when all of these criteria are met.  After that, the WordPress screen will fade and a new window will appear in typical WordPress fashion.  The new Window will offer a score and a list of pass/fail assessments along with praise or suggestions depending upon how the content looks from the perspective of a search engine.

Some surprising revelations often happen to those who start using Scribe, especially to those who are not incredibly well versed in the intricate and ever-changing ways of search engines.  Do you know where keywords should be in the title, how long a description should be, how many links an article ought to have, what those links should look like, or even what your keywords are from the standpoint of a search engine?  Chances are that you probably do not if you are reading this review, because anyone who does know these things and knows that they know them is someone who lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps SEO.

How Much Time Can One Spend Learning SEO?

The truth about SEO is that the game is constantly changing, and that is the primary reason why Scribe is a service and not a software package.   As SEO changes, so does scribe, and that lets you keep up to date in a painless way.  Alternatively, one could virtually exist on message boards and chat endlessly with people who seem to live on espresso shots and cannot stop testing new things to uncover the latest SEO techniques and technologies.  Scribe employs people like this so that you do not have to decipher their strange language and caffeine jitters, you simply benefit from their knowledge and endless tinkering once you start using scribe.

Does Scribe Work?

Can Scribe take a site with terrible content and turn it into a rising star?  Probably not, as the content is still the important factor.  Can a site with great content be hobbled by witty innuendo or clever phrasing that stumps search engines?  Most definitely.  Is it possible for even a humorless site that gets straight to the point to be in need of a SEO-point of view?  Almost certainly.  This is where Scribe earns it pay, and now would also be a great time to bring up the fact that Scribe is a service with a monthly fee associated with it.

Pricing for Scribe is based upon the number of monthly evaluations one will need.  The Starter plan offers 30 evaluations per month for $27, while the Publisher package offers 120 evaluations for $47 per month and the Advanced package offers 300 evaluations for $97 per month.  Evaluations do not roll over, and the number of times a single piece may need to be evaluated to get it just right will vary from one content poster to the next.  Some people learn from their mistakes quickly and will soon only be using one to two evaluations per article, while others might take several tries to get it right for an extended period of time.

The bottom line is that Scribe SEO is a service that everyone but those caffeine junkies who spend their lives testing SEO technique for grins and giggles should at least try.  The results are often quite revealing and can help one understand just why their site has not been ranking as high as they had hoped.