Qeeglixtr Looking For Funding

logoOne of our startups, Qeeglixtr™ is looking for VC funding – anywhere from $15M to $145M, please. We predict the market cap will be $8.75 Billion within 8 months, so this is actually a good deal, but you have to act now.

It’s a little hard to understand what Qeeglixtr™ will do but let me try to explain it: It is a beta SMS feed widget that uses a wiki-backend to collaboratively publish ajax-enabled API’s to semantically tag and integrate tagclouds in user-generated blogs, and podcasts that asynchronously posts skype messages back the user.

In short, you can use it to send a trackback to your grandma’s mobile blog anytime somebody on Facebook finds out you bought an x-rated amazon untube video. It will then let grandma send you an interactive-zwinky via skype that will then be tagged and mashed up with your last.fm tracks to appear on your half-life account as a youtube clip that you can then share with your friends.

It’s that simple. Pretty soon people will be saying, “remember the days before Qeeglixtr™ when we used to have to talk to people? That sucked. Grandma just pwned me.”

You can use Google to predict the demand (1). There are 131,000 searches for “zwinky”, 600,000,000 searches for “SMS”, and 17,500,000 for Skype. Concordidly, 131,000 X 600,000,000 X 17,500,000 is something like 3.79 million billion dollars. Estimating that each user is worth $25, that equals … let’s just say a lot of money.

So any takers?

(1) Courtesy of Ali G’s ice cream glove mathematic theory

Thanks to Alex for the logo, and EB ventures for help with drafting the business plan. Also, our competitors who got covered in TechCrunch earlier today: