A guy by the name of Dave Winer recently called someone out for making up a new term that spread itself insidiously throughout the web: “social graph”.

He called a spade a spade, but what he doesn’t realize is that there are many benefits to obfuscating language – especially for geeks who need to confuse people so that they can get paid. If we hadn’t invented the term “web 2.o” people would have just called them “new websites” and you wouldn’t be able to sell people new “web 2.0 features” that their friends told them they really need to have.

Since everyone is trying to coin cool new terms to sound more hip and up to date, I’m making up a new one: “Web Pattern”.

See this website? It’s not a website. It’s a Web Pattern. I feel sorry for you if you still have a website, because in case you haven’t heard, it’s 2007 and the smart webmasters, or “web 2.0 jockeys” as we just started calling them, have web patterns, not websites.