Sugarrae blog tagged me a few weeks ago but I haven’t gotten around to posting since the holidays have been so busy.

This whole blog tag meme is very interesting because at it’s heart it’s no different than a myspace forward or even an old school-email forward that asks you to answer some questions about yourself and tells you to forward it to your friends. So why is this “cool and fun” instead of “annoying and overplayed”? I guess it has to do with who initially popularized it. What do you think?

But just to play along, here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about me:

  1. I am a “Sheep Chucker Extraordinaire” with a certificate from the Medieval Fair to certify this. This certificate is currently better protected than my college diploma, which is sitting slightly-wrinkled somewhere in my closet.
  2. I sold life insurance for one summer through an internship with Northwestern Mutual. I sold exactly one policy. To myself.
  3. Sea Thai Bistro in Brooklyn is my favorite restaurant in the world.
  4. My first online business was, a Gainesville restaurant guide, launched in 2001. We ended up selling it in 2004 to a competitor.
  5. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I like to be obscure characters. In 2004 I was Borat. Some people though I was Alex Trebeck.

Since everyone has pretty much been blog tagged already, I will not tag anyone else. It ends here, I tell you!