Now That you Have Cheap Airfare, Find a Hotel Deal

Miami Intercontinental Hotel Last month we launched the cheap airfare guide as a side project. Surprisingly enough it received a pretty good response, so we decided to compile our experiences about hotels and launch a similar guide for hotel deals.

Since hotels are so drastically different in nature than airline seats, the process of writing the guide was a bit more difficult. There are a lot more qualitative variables like

  • location and proximity to attractions
  • amenties like pool, fitness rooms, types of beds
  • breakfast, parking charges, etc.
  • chains v. independent hotels

So instead of going into all those millions of variables I concentrated on laying out the processes I’ve gone through for finding the best deals by price and location from my own experiences. If you like the hotel guide and find it useful, I’d appreciate a Digg or a bookmark. If you have feedback or additions, feel free to shoot them my way.

Coincidentally I received an invite to last month from Guillaume of Hotel Blogs. It’s a great new website based around hotel reviews and a community of frequent travelers. So far I’ve left 2 reviews of my own and plan to use it in the future to find hotel recommendations. It’s a really well executed site.

I’d say check it out, but it’s in a closed invite-only beta. I have a few invites left though, so if you want to get on the inside, shoot me a note and I’ll send you one (if I still have any left by then).