Old Theme New theme 

Last night I updated this blog’s design with a new theme. The old theme served us well, but I decided it was about time to get a unique custom-coded one. I coded it over the weekend and put it up today. I’ll be making small changes as I go along, so bear with me – and if you spot any glitches, please let me know.

The changeover came just in time – 5 hours before I switched and upgraded, my 2.2 version of WP was hacked. I found a nasty little iframe embedded in the header (Reminder: upgrade your WP installation now. Yes, you.)

If you want to upgrade the look of your WordPress site and you’re looking for a free theme that almost no one has, check out this free 2-column WordPress theme. It’s called “A Dream to Host” and is made to be a nice clean base you can customize around. It validates, the code is very light, the structure is very clean, widget-ready, and SEO-optimized.

Or if you don’t know your way around WordPress, but you need a custom theme designed, check out Unique Blog Designs. I met Nate, the CEO of UBD at Pubcon a few months ago – he’s a really cool guy and his company puts out some really awesome designs.

I’m on my way to LA for a week-long vacation – will get back to posting in early February. I have a Facebook Ads review in the works as well as a few helpful design posts you won’t want to miss. Meanwhile, please let me know what you think of the new theme. Cheers!