Netvibes Updates, Plans to Launch Open Source Widget API

Netvibes Coriander releaseLast year I tried out a number of different start pages – Pageflakes, Google IG, Protopage, Fold (now defunct), etc. and found some issues that irked me with most of them – Google IG’s modules were too big, pageflakes had organizational problems, and I don’t even remember my beef with protopage (I think it was loading time). After all the testing, I settled with Netvibes and have been using it as my start page/feed-reader ever since.

I haven’t tried Google Reader (nor do I plan to) just because I’m making a conscious effort to stop feeding the Google borg. The big G has way too much info already. Let’s just hope Netvibes doesn’t get acquired by Google.

Today Netvibes rolled out an update codenamed Coriander, which added a few new features and fixed several bugs.

To boot, last week Netvibes announced plans to create a universal widget API, which will let developers create a single widget to work across all major browsers and operating systems. If they do this successfully, it will be a huge deal for developers. It will let you create one widget that will work across different systems enabling you to achieve much greater distribution.

It looks like the Netvibes team is really out to win the start page wars. It looks like they might be one of a handful of companies that will be left standing when the web 2.0 dust settles.