horrible domain names for sale Are you starting your very own web 2.0 website? Has your thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters taken the day off. Are you too drunk to come up with your very own random string of vowels and phonetic spellings?

Well, my friend, you’re in luck.

You can now outsource the creation of a typical “2.0-sounding” (and cleverly unpronouncable) company name for a small fee. Apparently there’s a company called Brand Bucket that’s trying to commoditize the art giving your startup a really really terrible name just because the domain is not registered.

I thought the whole reason a company chooses something really bad like qeeglixtr.com is because it’s $9/yr to register, not because it’s actually worth branding with, or worth paying money for. But maybe that’s just my narrow-minded pro-pronounciation, pre-1.0-thinking. Branding shmanding.

Here are some domains/company names/branding nightmares you can purchase from BB:

  • exaact.com
  • flizo.com (F to the lizo, V to the izz-A fo’ shizzle my nizzle?)
  • fluidux.com
  • galxz.com
  • leadspool.com (presumably so Mike can eventually rhyme it with deadpool)
  • linqto.com
  • noqeo.com
  • tilili.com

And if you buy now, they’ll even throw in a web 2.0 logo (and not just the standard one either). It’s a startup in a box! All you need is a social graph, something with RSS, throw in a widget and BAM, you’re in business.

I sort of have to give Brand Bucket props though. The idea is kind of entrepreneurial. Or should I say zntrepreneurial? (Psst, that’s not yet registered).

P.S. This is yet another reason I’m bullish on domaining.

P.P.S. Can someone please explain their “photo gallery” graphic to me?