So I got this today when i started typing my search query in the new Internet Explorer toolbar (with search suggestion):
MSN live search

Apparently the most popular phrase that begins with “take” in MSN’s new Live Search is “take me to Google”. Ouch.

By the way, is anyone else having a really hard time getting used to the “Live Search” brand? It’s Google, Yahoo, Ask, and “Live”? It just doesn’t make sense. I think it will be nearly impossible for them to brand it with such a generic term. It’s like calling your band “The Who” or your real estate company “Real Real Estate Company.”

Abbott: “try searching live”
Costello: “i am searching live”
Abbott: “no, i mean go to live”
Costello: “are we being taped? what do you mean?”
Abbott: “no, i mean live search”
Costello: “I thought Google was a live search”
Abbott: “no, MSN live”
Costello: “forget it. Take me to Google”

*Everyone laughs*
(except for Bill Gates)