Mozy Review: Online Backups Made Easy

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Mozy Logo

Hardware has always been prone to failure, especially at inopportune moments. Viruses attack when least expected. Hackers break into unsecured systems just for fun and have their way with files just for grins. This is why keeping backups is so absolutely vital, but not everyone knows how to use backup hardware or wants to invest in endless DVDs or external drives. In some cases, they just cannot be bothered to remember to handle the backup tasks on a routine basis with no threat in site. To paraphrase an old saying, the price of recovering from a data disaster is eternal vigilance, and Mozy offers that diligence in the form of an easy to use, multi-platform online backup package.

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What Mozy Offers

Mozy offers support for both OS X (10.4 and up) and Windows (2000 and up) operating systems, which makes it ideal for homes and businesses regardless of their choice in OS. Signing up for Mozy is very simple and only take a few minutes. Installing the Mozy software is also very easy, and a step-by-step installation wizard makes the entire installation process a real breeze even for novice computer users. Simply install the easy to use Mozy software, select the files that need to be protected, and a convenient time for the files to be backed up. Remember, the computer will need to be on for the files to be backed up, but there is no need to worry about files that are being used as Mozy can back them up as well.

So, how does Mozy work?

Mozy uses an existing internet connection in a house or business to securely and safely transmit files to Mozy’s secure servers. The files are heavily encrypted before transmission to avoid exposing sensitive data to hackers, and are secured even more thoroughly once stored on Mozy’s server to prevent loss due to hacking. In fact, Mozy’s state of the art servers and network have expensive infrastructure in place to prevent data loss. Purchasing comparable equipment for a home or small office could easily cost more than a thousand dollars and require extensive networking and security expertise that would command a very lucrative salary in the IT industry.

The best part about all of this security, and Mozy in general, is that is completely transparent. Once Mozy has been set up, it simply works without needing to be monitored or told what to do. There are few solutions more ideal than automatic when it comes to backing up, as nobody really wants to take time out of their busy day to ensure that their data stays safe and secure. Never having to experience sleepless nights due to concerns about data loss, and never having to feel those painful moments of agonizing regret when disaster strikes are a peace of mind that few would pass up, and that is why data backups are so important.

The Bottom Line

There are certainly alternatives to using Mozy. One can purchase expensive hardware and remember to handle their backups by themselves, which may not be proof against a disaster or theft. Alternatively, one can setup a complex multi-site backup system, but that takes a great deal of knowledge and programming experience. Finally, one might consider iDrive or Carbonite, but neither of those options are nearly as affordable as Mozy and lack Mozy’s intuitive interface.

Mozy is extremely affordable compared to its would-be competition, costing $4.95 per month per computer for unlimited backups. Sign up for a year and get a month for free, or sign up for three years and get three months for free! Peace of mind has never been so affordable, reliable, or easy to use.