Mosquito Ringtone – A ringtone parents and teachers can't hear!

Wow. This is hitting the internet by storm: a ringtone that’s played at a high frequency (17khz) that older people can’t hear. You can download the free mosquito ringtone here and see if you can hear it. The technology was first discovered and used as a teenager deterrent by a British company who advertised it as a way to get rid of loitering teenagers.

Well now that sound has made itself into a ringtone that kids are using to play in class or any other place where ringtones are forbidden. The New York Times wrote about it, Headline News ran a story about it, and now AOL has it as a home page feature. I can only imagine how many people are searching for “download mosquito ringtone” in Google right now and how many parents and teachers will be annoyed tomorrow.