Mooninite from Boston“Fryman, we’re full of religion now. Everyone, bow your heads and pretend to be serious.”
– Ignignot

In case you didn’t hear about it yet (story) – Boston officials called out the SWAT team to investigate some devices that turned out to be Cartoon Network’s guerrila marketing effort – LED boards with the images of Mooninites (Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters) scattered across the city.

There was a huge scare, city officials are pissed off, yadda yadda yadda. You can buy one of these bombs somebody snagged on Ebay ($3,150 at the time of this posting). Some enterprising folk have already started selling “ATHF is da bomb” and “suspected terrorist” t-shirts on Ebay (I’m rather impressed how on-the-ball they are).

Turner (the parent company) has apologized for the stunt and unfortunately the artists were arrested, once again taking the fall for “the man.”

Frankly I’m a little tired of all the fear and hysteria and even though I might get some “That’s pre-9/11 thinking” bulls**t responses to this post, I think this whole turn of events is both amusing and scary (in that “wow, are people really that on-edge” kind of way). Granted, I might have a diffirent opinion if I lived in Boston.

At the end of the day – I think this will turn out to be a HUGE success for the show. In essence all the media outlets are running promos for Aqua Teen Hunger Force all day today – pundits will be discussing it, newspapers will run stories for days. Some inconveniences, arrests, and apologies aside – the net effect of all this will be huge exposure for the show.

Terrorism scare as marketing tactic? Hmmm. Now who wants to write the Wikipedia entry for “”bombbait”?