soapbox.png MSN (excuse me, Windows Live. Oh wait, no, it’s actually MSN) launched MSN Soapbox today. It’s another me-too attempt to enter into yet another saturated market by the slow and badly-lead team at Microsoft. This is MSN’s foray into video services. Competitors are plentiful in this arena – YouTube, Google Video, MySpace Video, Metacafe, etc. – so they’re going to have a really hard time breaking into this market.

The MSN branding is a bit strange since they’ve been moving everything to the “Windows Live” brand as of late.

MS is up to its old bag of tricks by using its own Windows Media format, as opposed to the more popular (and much better, IMHO) Flash video format. I’m just baffled by this whole thing – am I missing something? How do they expect to compete or make any waves with this? It seems like a substandard product launched in a hyper-competitive space, plagued by a proprietary format, and pushed by a company with an increasingly worsening online brand identity problem.