Best Call to Action Keywords for PPC Leaked by Microsoft Exec

I’m going to share this little gem from the Future of Online Advertising Conference in NYC from earlier this year…

Check out this powerpoint presentation by Jed Nahum from Microsoft Adcenter, which can be found on the FOOA conference page.

This was shared with us towards the end of the second day and everyone wanted to hit the bar by then so I’m not sure how many people were paying attention. But if you look at page 6 (and read down) you will see a breakdown of what specific words in PPC ads had the best clickthrough rate, broken down by vertical.

The MSN AdCenter people crunched the data from a ton of ads in their network and came up with a nice breakdown of what verticals are best suited for calls to action, and which specific keywords performed best. If I recall correctly Jed mentioned that he hadn’t cleared with MSN if this data was ok to be shared (so shhhh).

For instance, call to action words are well suited for travel and health care, but not as much for education or automotive.

Example: having “get yours” in a real estate typically perform far better than “sign up”. There’s a ton of good information like that in the pdf.

Caveat: do keep in mind that these are averages (and there’s always an inherent risk when you’re looking at averages). This is a pretty good guide to where you might want to start, but you ALWAYS need to test (and keep testing).

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