Microsoft adCenter Promotional Code: Free $75 Credit UPDATED

MSN adcenter coupon

It seems you can’t go swingin’ a dead cat around the net these days without hitting a story about Microsoft and their big push to unseat Google in online advertising. The good news is that you can now find a number of Microsoft adCenter promotional codes and get $50 $75 worth of free credit by signing up using the following link:

Click here to claim your coupon to try out Microsoft adCenter free* with a $75 credit for paid search clicks.

They do charge you $5 to start, but that’s still $45 $70 per promo code of free pay per click advertising. I’m not sure how many accounts you can have under 1 credit card and/or name and address, but I know you can spread it around a little. So get one account for everyone in your family and try them out.

I’m not sure when this offer will expire. Also, you have 90 days to spend the $75, otherwise the credit from the promotional code is forfeited. I learned this the hard way a few months ago when my $100 Yahoo promo code expired with $80 left unspent.

I reviewed Microsoft adCenter last year, when their system was in beta – they’ve improved their interface and features quite a bit since then. I just hope their volume ramps up soon because as of now, Google AdWords still kills them in traffic volume – however, conversion in often way better with MSN.