This morning I was spammed by Shark Byte Media and their new project, I’ve never signed up for anything from these people and a huge pet peeve of mine is when I get unsolicited email. Especially when it’s marked “High Importance”, which is just too arrogant and annoying. Furthermore it took me only about 3 seconds to figure out that the copy on their pages is the same as 2 other realtors’ websites.

To recap: if you want to draw the ire of the web community, harvest a bunch of email addresses, spam them with a “high importance” header, and put up a site with copied content. The beauty of the web is that it’s so transparent – if you do anything like this, it’s bound to come back and Byte you in the rear.

I hope none of the “real” Sarasota realtors signs up for this thing. There are a number of great Sarasota realtors and brokereages that sell truly luxury homes, just don’t see them using this website.