I tried Looksmart about 3-4 years ago and I was less then thrilled with the results. But I figured it has been a while so I would test them out again. I signed up for a bonus credit and tested them out with a trial campaign.

Well, it turns out they start to charge you automatically once your account balance drops below a certain threshold. So I was automatically charged $80+ before I had a chance to even test out the system properly. It’s a good thing I caught this in time, else they would have just kept charging my account. I looked at the stats and the quality of visits were the lowest of any source I had – lowest pageviews per visit by a decent margin. My stats also showed far less visits to my site from Looksmart’s network than they were showing me (and charging me for) in their control panel, so I’m a little baffled about the difference there.

Looksmart Pros:

  • None I can think of

Looksmart Cons:

  • They will drain your account if you don’t keep an eye on it.
  • Quality of traffic was suspiciously bad.
  • My site stats and Looksmart’s own traffic stats were very different.

During an episode of Shoemoney’s Webmaster Radio show, his guest Dillsmack talked about his experiences with Looksmart, where they charged $3,000 to his account while he was trying to redeem the FREE $150.00 worth of clicks before he realized what was going on. A call to Looksmart solved it in his case, but Shoemoney still gave out a warning about trying to redeem “free” credits.

I would not recommend Looksmart.