Launching a Startup or New Site? Get Advice from the Pros

My favorite conference of the last few years was the 2006 Future of Web Apps Conference. I loved listening to people who were at the very edge of “web 2.0” and the ones creating everything we’ve been reading about over the past year (Flick, Digg, etc.).

The conference speakers were honest about their own experiences and gave everyone in the audience great advice about avoiding mistakes they themselves made and tips about dealing with launching startups.

Want something similar, but without an expensive trip and at no cost to you? Yesterday Allen over at Center Networks just compiled an eBook from last month’s Startup Tips series. It includes advice from 30 internet entrepreneurs who have gone through the challenges of launching a startup. So if you want some inspiration and great advice, download it, print it, and read it for some inspiration on your next flight or train ride.