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KnowEm Logo

KnowEm is a service that offers the tantalizing promise of being able to take control of your (or your company’s) social networking image through signing up on hundreds of social networking sites.  Does KnowEm work well?  It actually does, but there are a few things that it could do a little bit better that would make it an absolute must-have service.  That does not mean that KnowEm isn’t a must-have service right now, but before we get too far there is one thing that KnowEm should really be able to do but does not.

Name Suggestions

The entire premise of KnowEm is that the company will handle social networking signups and possibly even profile creation depending on the plan one chooses.  This is a great idea, but there is a small flaw in the execution that will hopefully be addressed soon: the lack of suggestions.  Any time one registers a domain, looks for an e-mail address, or even signs up for a social networking service, there is a good chance that the name they want is already taken.  Most top-notch services offer suggestions at this point, and this is where KnowEm falls a little flat.

KnowEm lets users search over 300 social networks for username availability, but it does not offer suggestions on new usernames.  Given the relatively low probability of one username being available on over 300 social networking sites, this would seem to be a very good idea.  Instead, KnowEm allows users with business-class accounts to select more than one username.  This might seem like a minor gripe, but it would be a very nice addition.

Other Than That

Over 300 networks

Over 300 networks

Other than that rather minor quip, what KnowEm does it manages to do very well: sign up for social networks.  If one were to measure the amount of time that it would take them to establish a presence on a few hundred social networks, write down the passwords, upload pictures, and fill out profile information, they would probably be looking at dozens or even a hundred hours worth of work.  Weighing this against the cost of public relations damage that could be caused by some agitated customer or jilted rival copying one’s popular social networking username and running amok on dozens of networks can be incalculable.

KnowEm offers a solution to both of these problems, as they will handle all of the sign-up information and even upload pictures/handle profile details for those with Agency-Class plans.  Personal plans can be free, which is really more of a sampler, or $99 for one with enough features to be truly useful.  For $99 KnowEm will handle the initiation process for 150 of the top social networking sites, but that still leaves hundreds of sites for hooligans to run amok on.  Step up to the Business plan for $249 nets one fewer sites (100 vs. 150), but also includes profile updates.  The Corporate plan for $349 is identical to the Business plan but covers 150 sites, while the Enterprise plan covers 300 of the most popular sites for $599.  The Business, Corporate, and Enterprise plans are all considered to be Agency-class plans, and that comes with one other perk: the possibility of brand protection.

How Clear is Your Crystal Ball?

Who knew Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter would take off like they did?  The answer is: almost nobody until it happened.  Can your business and/or web presence afford to let some new social network become popular without your profile being reserved?  If the answer is no, then KnowEm has a solution: a $49 monthly Brand Protection Program that will automatically sign your organization up for another 20 to 30 social networking sites.  This includes the full profile creation, and this service is only available to those who avail themselves of an Agency-Class plan.

Bottom Line

With a free KnowEm account that lets new users see the value of KnowEm, and there is a lot of value in keeping one’s message concise and from a single source, it is only a matter of time until they upgrade.  The free Basic account has nothing wrong with it, but it involves a lot of manual work.  For those on a shoestring budget, the manual data entry is not so bad.  For those that value their time more than a few dollars, the Personal and Agency-Class plans are simply beyond compare.