Introducing Hype 2.0: a Quick Way to find Web 2.0 Applications

Over the past few months I found myself wanting to search for “web 2.0” versions of many different websites just because most of the time I find that 2.0 sites are more intuitive, simpler, have useful features, and are a lot more fun to use. However there is not a “Web 2.0 search” that I’m aware of, so I decided to roll one myself using Google Co-op.

Introducing … (drum roll please) … Hype 2.0

Hype 2.0 Logo

Web 2.0 Search – Google Custom Search

Now you can search for websites and online applications just by typing in a service, product, or function that you are searching for: for example “medical advice”, “conference calling”, “bookmark recipes”, “remote data backup”, or any other web service. Since Google has such an old-website bias in its normal search, this search only returns pages from the most popular blogs that review “web 2.0” websites and startups.

Feel free to add this search to your own website AND/OR to your browser’s custom search engines list.

I’ve tested a number of keyword combinations and it does a pretty good job of finding what I need. It’s a work in progress and I’m sure I’ll be refining it as I go so please give me some feedback and let me know what you think – your opinion is really appreciated. The search is somewhere between an alpha and a beta. Help me take it Gamma or a Rho ;)

The starting list of websites searched:

I also added some filters to make sure only the relevant stuff comes up. Thanks to Todd (Stuntdubl) for the inspiration and Neil Patel for suggesting more sites.

Go test drive Hype 2.0 and let me know what you think!