If you want to learn basketball from a basketball great, you give Michael Jordan a call. If you want to get the inside scoop on football from a football legend, you hit up John Elway. If you want to learn about affiliate marketing from a super-star of the industry, you listen to the words and advice of Nick Reese. It is what myself, and many other people in the industry have been doing for a while, and now it is something that everyone has a chance to do.

Nick is a twenty-something year old affiliate marketing prodigy, who has been involved in the industry since his college days. Since graduating he has propelled himself into the affiliate marketing spotlight and now makes his living solely online. Countless big name Internet gurus kept coming to Nick for advice, so he decided, what better way to share my knowledge, then to put my ideas down on paper, errrr, on PDF file. From this idea was born “How to Turn Traffic and Trust Into Sales.

The name says it all. “How to Turn Traffic and Trust Into Sales” is an eBook aimed at taking an inside look at what it takes to become successful in the affiliate marketing industry. Gone are the days where the richest online entrepreneurs are running countless Google adsense pages with no name or face attached to them. Gone are the days of spam as a successful marketing ploy. Now online action from buyers requires trust and accountability from the business behind the sale. With the countless online outlets for almost every type of product, it is up to the owner to set their brand apart from the rest.

As is stressed over and over in the book, this is NOT a get rich quick solution, and there is NO overnight success involved. This eBook guides you through the process of setting up a strong foundation for an eventual online business and brand. Nick takes you through the process of identifying a potential niche, building your brand within that niche, and capitalizing on your traffic and your brand in such great detail, that even the most experienced affiliate marketers will learn something from this book. I’d even go as far to bet that Nick may have learned something himself or found trends in his work as he put all of his techniques and ideas down in print!

Don’t get me wrong though, this eBook goes far beyond a “how to” guide for setting up your online brand. I think this line from the book can sum up the value of it better than anything I could write;

“This book has one overarching goal: To teach you how to be an ideal affiliate
candidate for companies with established affiliate programs and position
yourself to profit when you become an affiliate.”

Not only is it important that the companies with affiliate programs view you as a valuable asset, the people visiting your site have to value your opinion! If you are missing either one of these two pieces then your affiliate marketing project is already off to a doomed start.

In this book Nick talks about building your microbrand, generating traffic, developing content, and gaining trust. More importantly though than all of these subjects, is Nicks ability to take the reader by the hand and guide them through the process of building their reputation, their brand, and their websites. This blueprint is a great start to your online success, but Nick goes a step further and includes a “Planning Guide”, which will take you through the entire process, step by step, asking you questions you may not have considered. The answers to these questions may be the difference between a huge success, or and big failure. Finally, the book is filled with a large list of resources and an inside look at the different types of affiliate programs. Some might say this area of the book alone is worth the price of the entire book!

I know this eBook sounds almost too good to be true, but head on over to TrafficandTrust.com and read the reviews from countless affiliate marketers (many of whom are EXTREMELY successful) who’ve all had the same reaction as I have. The affiliate marketing world will be the first to admit, Nick hit the nail right on the head with “Traffic and Trust.

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This is a guest post by Matt Hope from BackpackingWorldwide.com