Yesterday I lost a domain name auction at SnapNames (I refuse to link to them).

For those who don’t know, Snap Names is the exclusive domain name expiration dropper for Network Solutions. If you’re monitoring a domain name that’s due to expire and see that it was registered at Network Solutions, you have to use Snap to try to acquire it.

If you want the domain name, you need to put in a binding bid for $60. If anyone else wants that domain name, then you go into an auction and (s)he who wins the ensuing bidding war gets the domain.

In May of last year I picked up 1 domain name that no one else bid on. In August, I was going after but was outbid – there were a few people in the race and somebody ended up snagging it for $1,155.

Yesterday was the auction day for and I received an email that I was outbid. When I clicked the link to raise my bid, I kept getting a “can’t find snapnames” message, then a “undergoing scheduled downtime” message. I checked back a few more times, but it wouldn’t load up. So I couldn’t log on to raise my bid before I got out of work. Grrrrrrrr.

This morning I found out the winning bid was $130 at the expiration. Luckily I didn’t care THAT much about the domain name, otherwise I’d be reeling.