How to get over $230 in FREE Google Adwords

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How to get $381 in FREE targeted (PPC) advertising with Google, Yahoo, and Looksmart.

$231 in Google ($450 credit for $229 investment, GoDaddy trick)
$50 in MSN ($50 credit for new accounts)
$25 in Yahoo ($50 credit for new accounts)
$50 in Looksmart ($50 off $100 spend on new accounts)

Ok, so I stumbled on this cool little way to turn $230 into a $450 Adwords credit that takes less than a half hour to do. Then I snooped around some more and found 2 more deals – 1 for Yahoo, 1 for Looksmart. These deals/promos are a good way for anybody new to the PPC (pay-per-click) world to start off their campaigns.


g2.gifMay 2007 Update: check out this comment for an update on this technique.

Here’s how to do it:

(You can checkout what Pro Reseller account looks like so you get an idea – but don’t sign up yet – come back here. I’ll wait.)

  1. Sign up to be a GoDaddy Super Reseller (it’s a bit confusing but basically it lets you sell reseller accounts) via their partner Wild West Domains. It will cost you $229. You get a promotional code for $250 Google Adwords credit in an email after you sign up (you’re already $31 up).
  2. With a new GoDaddy Super reseller account, you get 1 free pro reseller account. After you get your email confirming the super reseller account, activate your Super reseller storefront & buy one reseller account using your super reseller link. The total cost will be $0 when you checkout (like I said, you get 1 free pro account with a super account). You become your fist new customer.
  3. Once you get your Pro Reseller account activated, you will get an email with a promotional code for a $200 Google Adwords credit.
  4. Now all you need to do is open 2 different Adwords accounts and use 1 promotional code per account. Now you have $450 worth of Google Adwords credit for a total investment of $229. (You might be able to use both promotional codes on 1 account, but I haven’t tested this). Click here to open your new adwords accounts:

As a bonus you can now register domain names for $7.00 (cost of $7.85 with 85 cents credited to your reseller account). Plus you can get private domain registration (Domains By Proxy) for $1 to $1.95. GoDaddy now offers total DNS control, which pretty much makes it the best registrar around.

As you do all this, keep a pen and paper around to keep track of your user ID’s, logins, etc. It can get a little complicated with the number of levels involved here. If you don’t want to remain a super reseller, just remember to cancel your accounts within a year so you don’t get charged another $229 next year.


ysm.gif Yahoo Search Marketing promotion code: Link ($25 credit when you sign up – new accounts).
YSM is a pretty good alternative to Adwords. They require approval before you ads run and have a 10 cent per click minimum. They don’t have as much traffic as Google, but it’s not bad.


looksmart.gif Looksmart coupon code: Q3GOFISH ($50 off $100 order – new accounts)
UPDATE: You might want to check out this post before trying Looksmart.
Looksmart can be a bit of a wildcard from what I understand. If you have a global audience and have specific products, then they might be worth a try (since I guess they have defined portals). They definately don’t have the volume that G or Y has. I just started testing Looksmart so I will post back and let you know how they perform for me.

(I couldn’t find any promos for MSN Adcenter. If anyone knows of any, please email me.)
Update: Found $50 credit link for MSN Adcenter.

Comments or suggestions welcome. Happy advertising!