Help Me Crush Guy Kawasaki's Truemors

Earlier this month Guy Kawasaki launched Truemors, a website that lets anyone post and vote on rumors. The launch was covered by Techrunch and other high profile web 2.0 sites and the subsequent enthusiasm around the web was fairly muted. So here’s my response:

I am throwing down the gauntlet and creating a competitor website to challenge with a better-executed version of a rumor submission/voting site.


Since I’m an “unknown” in the web apps world, and don’t really have the resources, I need your help. I’m looking for a partner (or group) – a programmer/developer – that I can partner up with on a 50/50 revenue share basis to challenge Guy’s Truemors.

I want to prove to the world that a good plan and proper execution can win out over the competition, even if you’re going up against big names. I also want to split the ownership of the project (I think ownership is more effective than outsourcing) so that the rewards are commensurate with success.

Let’s do this in less time, with practically no budget, and crush with a better website – in true web 2.20 spirit!

If you can slice and dice php, javascript, mysql, know WordPress like the back of your hand, and want to share the challenge (and possible infamy) shoot me an email and let’s build the hell out of this thing to overtake truemors in traffic and rank.

The details so far: It will be in a more focused (and appropriate) niche, come with a cleaner interface, better user incentives, and more obvious goals. It will be built on WordPress with a combination of plugins: open source and custom-built (that’s mostly where you come in). I’m not concerned about your resume, I just care about your coding ability and work ethic. So you up for this?

Viva la revolucion!