The evolution of a modern web designer. The 12 steps:

  1. Realize that CSS/XHTML design – separating content from presentation – is the wave of the future.
    (BTW, this should have happened to you years ago)
  2. Start learning CSS.
  3. Start despising Internet Explorer and by proxy, Microsoft (even more than you already do).
  4. Spend countless hours learning CSS hacks and obscure bugs to make all the browsers play nice.
  5. Waste many hours of your life yelling at your screen.
  6. Build your very first validating CSS/XHTML website without a table in sight.
  7. Bask in your own glory and sense of accomplishment.
  8. Scoff at the work of others, develop an odd sense of grandeur and superiority over others.
  9. [Insert a montage here of you progressing in your work]
  10. Come to a very important realization that no one cares.
    (No one except other coders/purists/CSS-nazis)
  11. (Optional) Realize there are people better than you at coding CSS and start outsourcing it.
  12. Zen.

I myself am convinced that CSS/XHTML are worth the effort (I haven’t done a site that’s table-based in ages). But it’s funny the progression that takes place over time.