Everyone always talks about the mythical googlebot, Google’s little spider that crawls into your site at night and steals your children, errr… pages and hoards them for its index… (Or something such). So what does this mythical “googlebot” look like?

Googlebot 1 Googlebot 2 Googlebot 3 Googlebot 4 Googlebot 5

I’m announcing the “What Does Googlebot Look Like?” competition. Submit your rendition of what Googlebot looks like and win some very cool prizes (more on that below).

I’ve always enjoyed SEOmoz’s cartoon rendition of Googlebot, so I thought I’d hold a competition to see what Googlebot looks like through other people’s eyes.

It can be a cartoon (even crudely drawn), a 3d rendering, a real live photo – pretty much anything your imagination can conjure up.

And now for the best part… the prizes! You can win by entering, and you can also win by helping spread the word about this competition.

The winner of the “What does Googlebot look like?” competition will receive a USB humping dog, which is possibly the coolest non-functioning USB accessory on the planet. They are only sold in Japan so we will have to swim over there to get one for you – which we will do.

Can’t draw or don’t want to enter, but have a blog or website? Link to this post from any of your websites and you’ll be automatically entered to win your own USB dog. The owner of the website that sends the most (legitimate) traffic to this post will receive their very own USB humping dog.

So what are you waiting for? Send us a rendition of what you think Googlebot looks like by emailing googlebot{at}auinteractive{dot}com or blog about this contest (by midnight August 7th). You just might have a plastic dog humping your USB drive in the near future!

The official rules: All submissions must be original, no copied work. By sumbitting your entry, you will grant us the right to use the drawing or picture on this website for ever and ever. (Muahaha) On August 8th one entry will be chosen by our expert googlebot judge (me). The site that sends the most traffic (no clickbots or fake traffic) to this post as determined by referrer count in Google Analytics will be contacted and the owner of said site will receive the prize. Each prize is a USB humping dog (which is not a functioning flash drive by the way).