Firefox bookmarklets are some of my favorite tools. Not only are they good for bookmarks, but they also allow you to embed custom javascript to give you one click access to your favorite tools. The one I probably use most often is my “Google It” bookmark which lets me run a keyword search via Google on any website that I’m surfing at the time.

Test it our for yourself. Drag this button/link into your Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar Folder:

Google It

Google It

Here’s a common scenario to help you illustrate why this is so useful…

Say you are on and you remember that I wrote an article some time ago about finding cheap flights. Instead of hunting around for my search box (some sites have them some sites don’t) or having to go to and putting in “ ‘cheap flights’ ” as a query, all you have to do is click the “Google It” button in your toolbar – it’s always just 1 click away – type in your keywords in the alert box, and BAM, you get a Google search results page for what you were searching.

It’s basically the same as running a site: command, but without the extra steps and without the copy/pasting of the domain. Hopefully that’s a clear enough explanation of how this bookmarklet can be useful.

You can find more really useful Firefox bookmarklets at Stuntdubl’s blog.