Google AdWords has probably been my favorite PPC network of all and I plan to continue spending most of my PPC advertising budget with them in the future.

AdWords Pros:

  • Probably the best interface of the bunch, easiest to use.
  • Delivers targeted traffic
  • Delivers the most traffic. They have the best volume of search.
  • You can have your ads running immediately

AdWords Cons:

  • Can’t bid on trademarked terms
  • Some keywords have pretty high minimum bids if you’re a new site due to their recent arbitrage crackdown.
  • Need to watch content match results in certain sectors.

The last point deserves some clarification. I’ve run two different campaigns in two different industries. In industry #1 the pageviews per visitor coming from Adword’s content network (other people’s sites via AdSense) were significantly lower than from search and other comparable sources. In industry #2 the pageviews per visitor coming from the content network were higher than other sources. So it’s something you really should test – if you want to expand your reach that way. If the volume delivered through Google search is sufficient, then you might want to opt out of the content network entirely (which is enabled by default).

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