Faviconr favicon maker Does your site have a favicon? You know, that little 16 x 16 icon that appears next to the address in your browser? Recently it’s become even more important as many feed readers and aggregators are using it to identify websites.

There are already a ton of favicon makers out there – but we recently created Faviconr – a simple favicon maker that’s really easy to use (and easy to remember).

Faviconr will create a favicon for you from any jpg, gif, or png file. I recommend a square image, under 150k, saved as a transparent 24-bit png as the source file.

If your site does not yet have a custom favicon, create one using Faviconr – it only takes a minute or two.

To kick off the launch – this week only – I’m offering to create a custom favicon for your site (your colors & design) and send it to you, free of charge. If interested comment or email me your website address. (A link in return is appreciated, but not certainly not required).