Get Your Florida Gators Championship Tshirt

gator championship tee Basketball 2006, Football 2007, Basketball 2007 Champions – The Florida Gators are now a dynasty. 3 Straight blowouts for 3 straight championship titles.

This all fares well for our friends at the Gatorshop, who already have the 2007 Gator Basketball Championship gear online (way to be on the ball). The Gatorshop is a family run shop that only sells Gator merchandise (unlike the big companies who’ll sell you any team as long as they’re winning) – they’ve always been great to us.

Go Gator Nation and Go Gators. I apologize for any Ohio State fans reading this blog, anyone outside the United States, or anyone who never went to a Florida University – It’s just something that gets in your blood.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blogging…