Facebook Ad Security Seriously Broken – Why am I Seeing This Guy's Account?

Earlier this evening when I tried to login to Facebook to view my existing flyers, it threw me back to the home page. I just logged in a few minutes ago, and it started showing me someone else’s Facebook Flyers ads and stats.

Here’s a screenshot:

Facebook Flyers screenshot

uhm, those ads are not mine.

Although it looks like someone in the UK has been busy testing this system for affiliate offers. Curiously enough the CTR rates are never above .05%.

I wonder how widespread this problem is. Also, I hope no one is accessing my account in turn, (and charging my credit card for their own ads).

Uhm, Facebook? This is sort of a big deal!

Update: I tried to create a flyer to see what account it would charge, and it showed me my own credit card details (last 4 digits), which makes me think this is a reporting error, and hopefully not a “someone else can charge your credit card” error.

(Bonus fun fact: you can’t create ads that go to the myspace domain – it’s disallowed)