Elsewhere On the Net: Teaching by Selling, Like Serving Kobe to PETA, and Offer Fillers

I’m going to try a new link-karma, link-roundup feature called “Elsewhere on the net”. It’s quotes that stood out from other sites/blogs around the net over the past week or so.

There’s never been a better time in history to be a person who can clearly communicate ideas. Right here and now, and certainly going forward.

Source: Teaching Sells – download it here. It’s Brian Clark’s (Copyblogger’s) new project, and the free PDF is definitely worth a read if you are or are planning to make money online in the future.

The worst thing you can do is spend time/money/energy creating the best content for the wrong audience. For example you can have a 5 star chef prepare the most expensive Kobe beef you can buy, but serve it at a PETA rally and it will get an icy reception.

Interview of Graywolf, on targeting social media.

Not only is [SEObook] a good resource but it’s miles ahead of the other blogs and books trying to attract “offer fillers.” <- my affectionate term for John Chow readers.

Arron Wall’s interview of Eli (Blue Hat SEO), where he fairly aptly describes John Chow’s blog audience. Read the rest of the interview – it’s long, but good. Bonus bit: Eli says we’re being lied to about the nofollow tag – I have a suspicion he’s on to something there.