DNS Made Easy Review: Keep Your Web Presence Alive Regardless of Traffic

DNS Made Easy has plenty to offer, which certainly makes reviewing them a difficult task.  Depending upon on what one is doing, DNS Made Easy can be used in different ways.  Most of DNS Made Easy’s offerings can be broken down into one of two categories, which makes categorizing these services a lot easier.

DNS Made Easy Obvious Does DNS

There are three primary DNS-related services available from DNS Made Easy: Primary, secondary, and failover.  Primary DNS serving is the main focus of DNS Made Easy, and the company has a legendary reputation that is absolutely second to none.  Complete control is offered to change DNS records at a fraction of the price that the competition charges.  Propagation is near-instantaneous, which means that domains can be added, changed, or removed at an instant’s notice.  No more waiting 48 hours!

The firm boasts a historic average of 100% uptime over the last 3 straight years, which is great for anyone looking for rock-solid stability.  This legendary stability is even available under tremendous loads, and that is something that other vendors cannot promise.  This same legendary reliability is the reason why Time Warner, AOL, Verio and may others use DNS Made Easy for their primary DNS needs.  It probably does not hurt that DNS made easy has an incredible multi-redundancy system in place that simultaneously protects against hardware failure and reduces latency.

Secondary DNS functionality is available for those that know what they are doing, as is failover management.  Failover is a great way to keep multiple sites up and running and allow one to take over whenever a hardware or software glitch afflicts one particular server.  This can make upgrading or troubleshooting particularly easy, and it can also mean that downtime is not really downtime, it just becomes time to re-route traffic.

DNS Made Easy also offers an anycast technology that lets customers route to their nearest server.  There are countless creative uses for this such as localized sites hosted semi-locally or completely locally, or just being able to control which sub-domain visitors are routed to.  There are countless other applications for anycasting, and more are created all the time.

DNS Made Easy Also Does Mail

There are also several mail offerings on tap for DNS Made Easy customers, including: backup mail services, SMTP authentication, mail forwarding, and the traditional POP3/IMAP hosting options.  With e-mails being so vital to modern business, having a company with a rock solid reliability history in one’s corner is highly desirable.  One of the most innovative features offered by DNS Made Easy is a method of circumventing ISP regulations that typically block port 25, which is used by SMTP servers to authenticate e-mails.

Another great e-mail feature that works well with this is the ability to use DNS Made Easy’s e-mail backup system that keeps offsite copies of e-mails just in case a hardware failure strikes at an inopportune moment.  Of course, there rarely is a great time for a hardware failure, so this is almost always a very valuable service.

Support Unlike Any Other

Every see those commercials or movies where powerful executives from fortune 500 companies get special support treatment in some way?  Well, just about every customer gets that treatment from DNS Made Easy’s friendly and incredibly intelligent support staff.  Our test calls were answered promptly and our questions were promptly answered.  We did not really have a problem to fix, but that is probably the best thing one could say about a support center: they never need to call it.


With so many services to consider, it is very difficult to speak on the prices of DNS Made Easy’s services.  After all, they compete with many different kinds of companies, but their primary focus is on DNS services.  That being said, managed DNS solutions start at $14.95 per month.  For that, one gets 3 managed domains with up to 120 records and a maximum monthly volume of 1 million queries.  Failover protection is available for an additional fee, but this particular service does some with some of the higher-tier plans, such as the Business Membership class plan that sells for $59.95 per month.  The Business Membership plan comes with the ability to manage 25 domains, 1000 records, and a monthly query volume of up to 10 million, plus 3 systems monitoring the records for extra reliability.

Most of the competition either charges more, delivers less, or some combination of these traits.  Those looking for unparalleled reliability for their DNS and/or e-mail needs simply must look into the services offered by DNS Made Easy.