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Earlier this year I wrote about my adventures with HDR photography here on this blog, but since that was a bit of a departure from what I usually cover, I decided to launch a separate photography site at Visual Photo Guide and move the posts there.

I plan to make Visual Photo Guide into a resource for hobby photographers like myself and delve a bit into video and more visual approaches to sharing my experiences and tips I pick up along the way.

I’ve been a reader of Darren’s Digital Photography School for a few months – he’s done a very impressive job with it and has inspired me to launch this new project. Since there are plenty of really good photo blogs and sites out there I’m still trying to carve out the right niche within this (fairly crowded) field and create something unique and useful to compliment what already exists.

The plan now is to talk about equipment and techniques from the perspective of someone who takes photos for fun, not professionally. I’ll try not to get into too much technical discussion, just straightforward examples of what I’ve seen work well in my own photography. Hopefully I won’t be talking to just myself and someone else might find it helpful and interesting. In addition I will share any deals I can find, such as the Photomatix Pro Coupon Code for 15% off.

If you’re into photography, check it out, grab the feed, and feel free to offer some suggestions about topics you’d like to see covered.